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Hello Fresh Subscription Box Review

Yellow Saying Cooking _ Food Facebook Post.pngBen and I were never boring eaters, but not particularly adventurous either. We do really enjoy cooking though and have dabbled in a homemade chilli and curry or two. However, on busier nights where we’d finish work late, we’d use pasta sauces in jars (we often reminisce about our pasta bakes from a jar) but after realising just how much sugar/salt is inside those, tend to stay away now. We kept having the same sorts of meals each week so after being recommended to us by my dad, we decided to try Hello Fresh. There are sometimes offers on for 50% off your first box, or if you know someone with a subscription, you could get a free box yourself, so I’d recommend trying one just to see what you think. It’s definitely changed how we cook for sure!

Firstly, a little bit about what ‘Hello Fresh’ is – it’s a weekly subscription box you get sent with all the fresh ingredients you need to create 3/4/5 meals depending on what you require. You choose how many people you’re cooking for and what kind of box you’d like. The options include a classic box (which we have), veggie box or family box (good for both adults and kids). There are different options for delivery days, so you choose your meals for the week via their app and you get them sent to you on an allocated day.

The thing I love most about Hello Fresh is how many new meals we’ve tried that we wouldn’t have come up with ourselves! Because I live most of my life through lists, here are my pros and cons of Hello Fresh below to give you more information…


hello fresh book.png

  1. An obvious one but – the food tastes amazing. Nothing beats fresh, homemade food.
  2. They teach you new skills. For instance, one thing we learnt was how to cook rice in a different way to make it extra fluffy.
  3. They introduce you to new foods. I’d never tried aubergine before making their lamb moussaka, for instance. It brings you out of your comfort zone and gets you cooking things you probably wouldn’t normal buy.
  4. It helps with dieting. More specifically, with the portion control side. Because you’re ordering for the amount of people you are feeding, it’ll give you proper portions, as opposed to some of the questionable (way too big) portions we were eating before.
  5. As I said before, they have an app so you can easily choose the meals you want and skip a week if it’s not to your liking.
  6. Each meal’s cupboard contents are organised into a brown paper bag for that particular meal, so you don’t have to go hunting around for all the ingredients in a huge cardboard box when you start cooking. It also minimises wastage as you only are given the exact amounts you need. (Fridge items are wrapped separately in a cooling material with several ice packs).
  7. The packaging is recyclable so it’s very environmentally friendly.
  8. You get reward points for each box that you trade in for different things e.g. a recipe binder to keep your recipe cards in. Other rewards include tea towels, chopping boards and aprons.
  9. They include the amount of calories in each recipe, so you can select lower-calorie meals if you want beforehand.


  1. Each box starts at £34.99, so can be really pricey if you’re on a budget. It’s not something we have every week. We tend to get it twice a month and then use previously-loved recipes for our weeks in between and buy the ingredients from the supermarket as normal.
  2. We have forgotten to skip a week before when we were away and found that we were unable to change the delivery date to a different one when it’s past the deadline, which seems a bit less flexible, especially if we’re asking for a later day not an earlier one, which gives them enough time to amend our account surely?! (We have had a box sitting outside for a day while we were away though and the food was still good, which just goes to show how good their cooling packing materials are).
  3. Occasionally, we’ve found that not all the ingredients are available in shops. We have had to substitute some items when we haven’t found spices, for instance (this has been very rare though).

To give you an idea of some of the recipes, here are my top 5 meals so far. Also, check out the recipe section of their website.

hello fresh chilli.png

  1. Spicy Sausage Chilli with Homemade Tortilla Chips
  2. BBQ Chicken Ciabatta with Homemade Potato Wedges
  3. Gnocchi Bolognese with Cheesy Broccoli
  4. Mango Chutney Chicken with Spiced Bulgar Wheat and Roasted Cauliflower
  5. Lamb and Chickpea Curry

Overall, I would definitely recommend Hello Fresh! Have you tried it, or a subscription box like it? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments…

Have a lovely weekend and chat soon!


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